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TrainingFolks will leverage your subject matter experts and our adult learning and instructional design expertise to develop highly engaging custom eLearning solutions.


Custom eLearning

If you require custom eLearning content developed from scratch, TrainingFolks can help. You may have an abundance of disparate training content in many places or in many forms. TrainingFolks’ custom eLearning development team will assemble your training material and validate it with your key stakeholders to come up with learning objectives that match your unique employee training needs. We will then utilize effective components of the ADDIE model and other ISD (Instructional Systems Design) models to develop a custom eLearning solution that’s right for you.

Following are some of the main components of our custom eLearning development process:

  • Learning assessment and needs analysis
  • High-level design plan
  • Development of storyboards, prototypes, mockups, reference material
  • Production of Alpha, Beta and final versions
  • Integration with your learning or content management system
  • Maintenance and support

TrainingFolks’ expertise in adult learning across a broad spectrum of industries gives us the capability to develop custom eLearning solutions that speak to your needs. Our eLearning development process also minimizes client involvement which enables you to stay focused on core business activities.

Please access our ELearning Request Form to help us better understand your specific eLearning conversion needs.

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